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Baby Journal



April 10, 1999---Mommy was a little worried that her monthly visitor didn't come and visit yet. So she went to the pharmacy and bought an EPT home pregnancy test. It was POSITIVE!!!


April 12, 1999---Mommy went to the doctor's to confirm she was pregnant. And again, the blood test was POSITIVE!!!


April 30, 1999---GrandMom Cheryl was coming to California to visit mommy and daddy and Mommy told her that she was pregnant.


May 20, 1999---Mommy was now 9 wks and 5 days pregnant w/ me and She went to a Prenatal class where they determined her due date (12/19/99) Gave her some information to read and scheduled her first prenatal appointment.



June 3, 1999---Finally Mommy gets to go to the Doctor. She was 11wks and 5 days. Daddy went with her and guess what!!!! They got to hear my heartbeat!!! It was so exciting for Mommy and Daddy.



June 18, 1999---Today, Daddy told Grandmom and Grandpa Ellis that mommy was pregnant with me. They were very excited. This made daddy feel really really good!!!



July 23, 1999---Mommy had her official ultrasound. And the ultrasound technician found out that I was 19wks and 6 days old. The technician wasn't very nice so mommy and daddy weren't able to see if i'm a boy or a girl.



July 29, 1999---Mommy went to visit the doctor today. She got on the scale and guess what!!!! She has gained ZERO pounds in 5 mths. Wow!!! The doctor told Mommy that was good and to keep eating healthy. Mommy and Daddy also got to hear my heartbeat. Everything was fine so mommy's next appt is on August 24, 1999.



August 24, 1999---Mommy went to visit the doctor today. She and daddy are moving to Florida the first week of September so this is mommies last appt w/ Dr. Zuber. Dr. Zuber did an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok w/ me and guess what!! All is well i'm growing, my heartbeat is powerful and mommy is measuring right on time. Also Dr. Zuber checked and he thinks I'm a GIRL!!! He wouldn't give the 100% on it but more than likely I'm a Girl!!! We'll just have to wait and see won't we!!! Well like I said in the beginning Mommy and Daddy are moving so...(and they are driving from CAlifornia to Florida), I might not talk to you guys for a while. But when I get the chance I'll have a lot of interesting stories to tell.



August 31, 1999---Today was Mommy's last day at her Job here in California and she was pretty sad. Her Co-workers threw her a baby shower and daddy came too. Wow, you should see all the things I got. Clothes, Baby Bags, Baby Bouncer, Bottles, Bottle Warmers, Diaper Geenies and soooo much more!!!! When mommy gets the pictures developed she will surely put them up so everyone can see!!! Well, we have to go now, We have to prepare for our departure, we're leaving on Friday and you know MOMMY HAS PACKED NOTHING!!!!


September 22, 1999---Mommy and Daddy arrived in Florida safely. Her and daddy have a new 3 bedroom apartment and the best part about it is that I get my own room!!! :-) And Mommy started decorating it already and it is BEAUTIFUL!! She decorated the walls w/ all of the Baby Looney Tune characters. And bought me a pack n play w/ a bassinet,playpen and changing table. She's going to put that in her room so that I can sleep next to her for a couple mths after i'm born. I love my room it is just BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to come out and play in it.

I have a new doctor now. Dr. Edward Watson, I really like Dr. Watson he is soooo nice and friendly. Mommy had an appt w/ him yesterday and Dr. Watson said i'm growing very good. He also looked at my medical records and said that according to my ultrasound I should be due around the 11th of December instead of the 19th. But we'll see. Mommy is measuring just right. The doctor did a pelvic exam and said he could feel my head. So I must have turned around already. Guess what Mommy gained another 5 pds. That makes it a total of 9pds that she has gained so far. She's really excited about that. Finally she is starting to gain weight.

Today Mommy visited Dr. Watson again and took her Glucose Test. That is a test to check mommy's sugar and make sure she doesn't have gestational diabetes. Since the hospital is right next to the doctor's office Mommy went and got a tour of the labor and delivery room and the birthing rooms. And from what I can tell Mommy really, really liked it. And then she pre-registered so that she doesn't have to worry about it later on. She also got a lot of goodies and some books to read also she is going to sign up for her 6 wk child birth class that begins on October 28th. Well Mommy's next appt is on October 18th so I guess I'll talk to you then.


September 30, 1999---Today Mommy went to the doctor and had to get a 3 hr glucose test done because her first one hour test came back pretty high. The doctor informed mommy that she has "gestational diabetes" and she has to go and see the dietician and be put on a strict diet and prick her fingers 4 times a day to take her sugar level readings.


October 28, 1999---Mommy went to the doctor today and everything seemed well, her blood pressure was a little high but everything else seemed to be OK... Her sugar levels are great and I'm growing just like I should be....


November 8,1999---Today Mommy went to the doctors to for her regular 2 week check up and her blood pressure was SKY HIGH!!! The doctor was very worried about this and made mommy go to the Labor and Delivery room. Mommy had to stay overnight because her blood pressure would not go down. However ,all the test they ran came back fine.

The doctor is afraid we may have caught the beginning stage of what they call...preeclampsia***According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the book Planning for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond, preeclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure, fluid retention that first shows up in the second half of pregnancy, and protein in the urine***

The doctor had a 24 hour urine test done on mommy and said that if it comes back too high...They will have to get me OUT!!! Well, doctor let mommy go home on the 9th and she is suppose to be on BEDREST!!! Bathroom ONLY!!! Priviledges..but of course she's here sneaking while daddy's watching basketball and updating my webpage...

She goes back in tomorrow for a check-up. Hopefully everything will be fine, if not then it will be time for me to COME INTO THE WORLD!!! Mommy's going to go and back her bag now just incase she has to go back to the hospital tomorrow........

Talk to you guys soon rather it be inside of mommy's belly or on the outside!!!!



November 12,1999---SURPRISE!!!! KAYLA JOI ELLIS BORN TODAY!!!Let me tell you how it happened.

Well remember when I said that if Mommy's Protein level came back too high they were gonna get me out. Well she went to the doctor and the lab messed up so they had to do a blood test but the doctor let mommy go home until he found out the results. Well about 2 hrs later the doctor called mommy at home and said..."You have to come in, your protein level is way too high"

We got to the hospital about 3:30pm on the 11th of November. Mommy got settled in the labor & delivery room. She called Grandmom Cheryl who got a plane ticket and was arriving the next morning. The nurses gave mommy an IV and started w/ the Pitocin, which started the contractions. Later that evening mommy got an epidural when the pain got a little unbearable. Mommy had only dialated to 1 cm. She was given a drug called "Stidall" (probably spelled wrong) to calm her down and make her go to sleep so she could get a good nights rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Daddy went to pick up Grandmom Cheryl around 9am the next morning. They came back to the hospital and WAITED and WAITED and WAITED!! At about 10:30 Dr. Watson came and broke Mommy's water hoping this would make her dialate some more. She dialated to 4 cm finally. But that's as far as she dialated. By 5:00pm Mommy was still only at 4 cm and her blood pressure was still really high. At 5:30 Dr. Watson came in and said, that Mommy was gonna have to have a C-section b'cuz, she wasn't dialating enough and we didn't want things to go wrong. Mommy agreed b'cuz she was in PAIN!!! They wheeled mommy to the Delivery room and everyone got ready. Daddy put on his scrubs and Grandmom waited back in the labor and delivery room.

5:52 pm I came out CRYING!!!!


It was really fun telling you my story!! I hope you enjoyed it!!! Don't forget to sign my guestbook on the home page. And don't forget to keep checking the page for new things!!!